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About Us

T-Rox Music Academy is a music school unlike any other!

We provide everyone with the opportunity to make their musical dreams a reality through private sessions, band programs and outlets to perform. In our Private Sessions you can learn how to play Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano or Sing. T-Rox instructors are amazing active musicians that know how to teach. More importantly, they know how to keep it real! The Band Factory Program matches players of equal level, style and age into bands which are conducted by one of our awesome instructors. Playing in a band is a fantastic opportunity to take your playing and confidence to the next level.

ShowTime- T-Rox ShowTime’s are amazing end of term, full-production concerts that are held twice a year. Participation is voluntary and T-Rox students are encouraged to get up and experience the thrill of performing their chosen material on stage. Why T-Rox? Music has evolved and we think musical instruction should as well. T-Rox gives you a personalized approach.  We recognize that 90% of our members want to have fun while learning proper fundamentals and enjoying music in a stress free environment. We also provide our students with very real outlets to perform.

Need more proof? Come visit us and tryout a lesson for yourself. While you are here, feel free to talk to any other parent or student in our lounge.

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