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Concert Series

Do you want to know what it's like to feel like a rock star?

Well, this event is your opportunity. Open to all T-Rox Band Factory students, the T-Rox Concert Series is your chance to be a “T-Rox Star”. These monthly concerts are held at public venues across the Greater Toronto Area. Your group gets to take over the stage for a set and strut your stuff.

More Information
More Information
  • It's a perfect opportunity to work on organizing tunes together into a set. Working on sound, stage presence and much more.
  • If your band is at the point where you are writing original music, the T-Rox Concert Series is a perfect way to get your music out there to a live audience.
  • All your performances get recorded in HD and are uploaded to YouTube for everyone to enjoy!
  • For all the brave-hearted, two words: Wardrobe and Choreography
  • No more hurry up, play your tune and get the next act up. You have your own set so the pacing is up to you!
  • Promote your own showcase: invite all your friends and family to see your band.
  • All T-Rox Band Factory groups get to sign up in advance so you will know your exact set time.
  • Your band gets to play a real show in a real venue: Lights, PA and more!

All this is just for the love of music. Call Us today! 905.602.0992