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Guitar instructor Frank Koren is back!

Frank KorenFrank Koren acquired his first guitar at the age of thirteen and after cutting his chops for a few years on the local scene with a couple of friends who shared his love of classic rock, Frank turned pro. He hooked up with Hamilton’s iconic nine-piece R&B crew, Ruben Kincade and hard rock Guns and Roses tribute act, Lies. Intersperse this with cross-county tours with alt-pop band All Good Children and charting on CFNY102.1 and 97.7 HITZ.

Moving into the 90’s Frank expanded his horizons by adding country music into the mix, working with artists such as Griff Martin, David Martin, Colin Amey and Elton Lammie. Frank also met and began a thriving partnership with singer/songwriter/wife Kim Koren, a veteran of three critically acclaimed, independently produced albums, that have lead to live events in venues as diverse as Liverpool, London in the U.K and continental Europe.
Equally at home with both electric and acoustic guitars, Frank dials in his virtuosity in echoing styles as multifaceted as James Burton’s chicken-scratch country picking, Cliff Gallop’s hot rockabilly, Dave Gilmour’s ethereal rock and Stevie Ray’s raw blues power – all indelibly stamped with his own signature technique.

Live on stage, chances are you’ll find Frank as a featured guitarist with his signature pink Telecaster and custom box of tricks for a diverse group of acts including transplanted Australian songstress, Marta Pacek.

Frank conveys his versatility by blending and delivering a sensitive touch that’s tailored to an artist’s distinct genre which has kept him in great company and allowed him to work with an eclectic group of internationally acclaimed artists that include Kim Mitchell, Karla Crawford, 54-40, Teenage Head, Bad Company, Ronnie Milsap, Tom Wilson, Spirit of the West, Steve Earle, Dr. John, Country Joe McDonald, Lee Harvey Osmond, Harrison Kennedy, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and oh yes, Justin Bieber!!

Frank is a also fixture in local recording studios where his talents are constantly in demand as a session guitarist, working with an eclectic mix of artists and producers including Gordon Lightfoot alumni, Amy King and Bob Doidge at Grant Avenue Studios.

It was at Grant Avenue that Frank Koren recently released his first solo record, Red Chair, with a cast of many musicians who he has played with over the years. About the music on Red Chair Frank reflects,“Strange things happen when you play all kinds of music! It’s a wonderful representation of my musical world!” Frank will continue to tour and find unique avenues to share this new music with world.

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