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T-Rox Music Academy Winter ShowTime 2013

T-Rox students should be proud of themselves!

We are so impressed with all of the Students who got up on the stage & showed how talented they truly are. Some of you are well seasoned in stage performance, and some of you are fresh on the stage, each and every one of you should be proud about today. To play music is an ability, but to play with heart and soul affecting the listener is a talent that is not easily learned. WAY TO GO!
Thank you to all of the fans for supporting our students, you are integral in their success. From driving them to lessons, to listening to them practice, today wouldn’t have been a success without your great applause.

Nicole Poynter– today’s M/C kept the day rolling with her lively personality & her voice!

Ben Payne, Lorenzo Castelli, Murad Gunduz, Emily Burgess, Frank Koren, & Philip Miles; from setup to tear down, playing & supporting these instructors truly made the day. 

Thank you also to Vince Di Francesco
 & Kim Erin Spratt; the students are grateful of your support. And of course; all of the instructors at T-Rox who worked with their students preparing them for performance, helping them pick the music, transcribing and teaching them true showmanship through musicality.
Thanks to Jim the magician on the sound, & Osku for filming the show, thank you. Julie Knox, thank you for preparing the programs, communicating with the MiST Theatre, & shooting the show.

AND of course TK & Sean whose vision has created the best Music School in town; T-Rox Rocks!